About me


Welcome. I am Anna. I am a wife, a mother of 9, a student, a small business owner, a teacher of the gospel, and a quiet listener to the spirit.

Awhile ago I started praying for a purpose. What was it that God wanted me to do? For years He had me master my craft and abilities He had given me. Yet each time I prayed for direction the silence told me I had to wait. But what was I waiting for and how long did He want me to wait? I wondered if I would know when the waiting was over?  In the silence and waiting I learned and perfected everything He led me to do. I watched as others close to me launched businesses – I waited for my turn.  I heard over and over “you should open your own store”. While I knew it was where I was being led, I knew it wasn’t yet time.

One day I did something I never do…I watched a live Facebook video during the busiest time of my day. I never watch Facebook lives. I just don’t. I don’t have time but something told me I HAD to watch this video. Someone who I had known for a year or two through tears told of how she was selling her business. She was being led in a different direction by the Lord. I felt strongly impressed upon that I was to buy that business. It was a crazy thought. I told it to Ryan thinking he would discourage me or bring me back to reality. Instead he encouraged me to follow my dreams. He told me that if I felt led in this direction, I should pursue it further.

Her business melted right into mine. I could clearly see the vision and the path. I knew what I was supposed to do. We chatted back and forth and a few days later we signed a contract. And the rest well – the rest is being written. I knew why He had me learn my craft and hone my abilities because now they are all being put to use.

My purpose – well it is to inspire. Maybe you are a Latter-Day Saint like me. Maybe you aren’t.  There is something for everyone here- something to inspire you. Maybe you will be inspired to attend the temple more, or to remember feelings you had on the temple grounds or inside the temple doors.
Maybe you will be inspired to be a little better or do a little better. Whatever your background, or why you are here. Welcome I am happy to meet you. The Lord is what inspires me. What inspires you?